Storm Restoration


Professional hail and wind damage repairs

Powerful winds and drenching rains can cause serious damage to your home. While your roof helps protect the siding and interior of your home from damage, it also takes the brunt of the storm’s force. If you’re worried about roof damage, the storm damage experts at Hunter Exteriors will inspect your home and provide the roofing services you need.

Don’t wait for your roof problems to get worse! Contact us today to schedule your inspection and estimate.

What causes major storm damage?

There are four main elements of storms that can cause serious damage to your roof:

Wind: Wind damage is one of the most common problems. High winds can often rip off shingles or greatly loosen them. They can also tear off or loosen other key elements of your roofing system like flashing and gutters.

Debris: When a storm produces high winds, there’s a good chance that you’ll have to worry about debris. Tree branches and limbs can damage shingles or cause serious structural damage.

Hail: Hail of sufficient size is often almost guaranteed to cause extensive hail damage to your roof. The consistent impact of large hailstones most often manifests as divots or indentations in the shingles.

Rain: Rain can be found in almost every storm and is generally not an issue in and of itself. However, if your roof is already damaged then rain can often find a way in through the cracks and cause costly damage.

While these elements are not always found in the same storm, any one of them can cause major damage under the right circumstances. Hail damage and wind damage are particularly infamous among homeowners. If your storm contained all four then it is even more likely that your roof suffered some kind of damage, even if you might not be able to see it from the ground.

Start your storm damage assessment today as follows:


Call & notify your insurance company of the damage to your property from the hail storm on ___(Ask our Rep for date)___ and that you would like your Hunter representative present at the time of the inspection.

– We will temporary repair (tarp) any damages due to the storm immediately to ensure no further damages to your home. there is no cost to you personally for this work (it will be added to the insurance claim).

– We will prepare a scope of damages and meet with your insurance adjuster at your home and negotiate prices to ensure you are getting your claim properly handled. we will always act in the best interest of you, the homeowner.

– Once you receive your estimate from the insurance company our representative will come to your house and explain anything you might not understand. at this point we will agree on colors and materials that you would like on your home.

– The next step is getting your work completed. this is normally a 2-3 week process from beginning to end. (Most roofs are completed in one day)

– Once all the work is complete, Hunter Exteriors will invoice your insurance carrier for any and all depreciation that was held back from them until the work was complete.

– Once you receive the nal check we will settle up on nal payment and will then issue all warranty paperwork for materials and workmanship.

Mortgage Checks

Hunter is also here to help with any mortgage companies also. We have dealt with them all and understand that it is a process. We are here to help you any way we can.