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Are you looking to add extra space to your home in order to relax or entertain guests? Porches and decks are popular options that take advantage of the potential space that your yard offers.

Porches and decks can also be custom built to meet your particular vision. Looking for space you can use to entertain guests? A porch or deck can do that. More interested in some extra space to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature? A porch or deck can do that too.

At Hunter Exteriors we can build the perfect porch or deck for your home! We also offer a wide range of other related carpentry services like railings and floorboards. Contact us today to schedule your estimate!

Why have Hunter Exteriors design and build your deck or porch?

Economical: A deck or porch installation shouldn’t break the bank. However, if you have separate designers, architects, and builders then costs can add up quick. We are your one-stop shop, helping you keep your deck orporch affordable while still providing quality workmanship and materials.

Fast & Reliable Work: Our team consists of incredibly talented and experienced deck and porch building professionals. Not only can we design a beautiful porch or deck to your specifications, we can have it installed quickly without compromising quality. Since we do the design work as well there is no need to worry about middlemen prolonging the process.

High-Quality Materials: Our goal is always to provide our customers with a deck or porch that they can trust will last them years to come. That’s why we only ever work with high-class materials.

Miscellaneous carpentry services

We are experts on porch and deck building in North Carolina, but we can also do much more. Any carpentry needs you have related to decks or porches are within our expertise. Have railings that need work? Want to install new railings? Looking to repair some wooden floorboards? The experts at Hunter Exteriors have you covered.

Get started on your porch or deck installation today with an estimate!

A porch or deck can go a long way towards improving your home by adding more living space, entertainment space, or simply a place to relax. However, you need to make sure that your deck or porch is designed and installed by professionals that you can trust. That’s why you need the experts at Hunter Exteriors.

Interested in a new porch, deck, or simply miscellaneous carpentry services? Your local professionals at Hunter Exteriors are here to help. Contact us today and schedule your estimate in Charlotte or nearby North Carolina!